Bridgette & Geri

Bridgette and Geri had a beautiful, intimate winter wedding in Bensalem, PA followed by an evening of dinner and dancing at the elegant Pen Ryn Estate. Guests enjoyed wrapped Sea Scallops w/ Lemon Essence, Pan Blackened Ahi Tuna, Rice Cracker and Fresh Wasabi with cocktails and other amazing eats, while Bridgette & Geri enjoyed some quiet time, and their first moments as husband and wife. The speeches were heartfelt, the dinner was scrumptious, and once the party began, Bridgette (a professional dancer), and Geri went right into a choreographed ballroom dance! Their friends and family filled the dance floor all night, the music being a mix of contemporary American and Albanian, kept the celebration going well into the night. I was honored to be a part of their amazing day...I hope you enjoy some highlights from it.

Cinderella Inspired


I am now offering Fairytale Sessions. These can be anything from Princesses to Super Hero's! I needed to shoot one to figure out what it would entail, and my little girl was very happy to play her part. Let me just tell you, she really got into being poor Cinderella...sweeping and scrubbing away, she was even singing!! I love the genuine feel to these. No forced cheesy smiles...just pure imagination & fun. Because these sessions are specialty, they will be shot during the golden hour, and may last 2-3 hours (with the driving to locations and outfit changes). This will require some consulting and brainstorming between us so that together, we will come up with costumes, creative props, and the perfect location to inspire the magic. Message me with your ideas! These sessions are $200 and have the option to add a Storybook of the images for and additional $100. An online gallery will be provided as well as web-ready digitals for sharing.


from rags....

to riches.


How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

These days, with photographers everywhere you turn, it can be overwhelming to choose one for the most important day of your life. It's tempting to turn to friends and relatives with "good cameras" to try and save money,  but I'm here to tell you, photography is NOT the place you want to go cheap. If you are strongly considering doing so and don't see the big deal, then you can stop reading now because I can't help you.

However, if you understand the value of photography, of a memory...of an image so perfect it evokes in you the same feelings you felt when the photo was taken...then here are some tips to help you choose the photographer for you.

Look at complete weddings from each photographer you are considering, not just their showcase work on their website. Ask them to let you view full weddings that were shot in the same season as yours, and/or the same venue if possible. Make sure it's recent work. Photographers change over the years, usually improving, so make sure you like their current style.

Ask if they have insurance. This is a big indicator of their level of professionalism. Are they are part time hobbyist, or a serious full time professional? How many weddings a month do they do? Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for the hobbyist. If you don't have a wedding planner with your group all day, it is often the photographer who keeps things on task, and guides you through the day. Make sure they know what they're doing.

Ask to see examples of products you might be interested in purchasing after the wedding. Albums, USB's, prints, canvas, etc. Find out what is included in your package. You should be getting high quality professional products that are not available to the general public (ie. not books from MyPublisher or prints from Shutterfly). 

Read reviews and ask your married friends about their experiences. What did they love about their photographer? What did they wish was done differently? This will help you think of things to ask yours.

Finally, don't hesitate! When you find the photographer whose images bring tears to your eyes, book them! The great ones book a year or sometimes two in advance, especially in fall.  

A great wedding photographer will strive to capture real emotions, without interfering with them.


Find out when you will receive your images, whether it's via a USB, digital download, or album. You want to know that you won't be waiting a year or more to view your professional wedding photos. I've heard horror stories of couples who have had to chase their wedding photographer for years to finally get images. I don't know how these people stay in business, but they are out there! 

Finally, hire someone you trust and whom you like as a person. You can hire for talent, but if you don't get along, or something about them annoys or rubs you the wrong way, it can ruin what should be a fun and amazing day. This is another reason I strongly suggest avoiding hiring a friend or family member. It's never been a good idea, in the history of ideas, to mix business with pleasure.